Block This

What is "Block This"?

You can block a hot selling product that runs very low on quantity and get it shipped later. You may use this feature to reserve a product for yourself by paying for that product and can get it shipped along with your order at a later point in time, particularly when you want to save on shipping for an individual product that you are very much in need of.


Where to use "Block This" ?

  • Products that run very low on quantity.
  • Unique and limited edition products that may not be frequently available.
  • You are very much in need of the product, but you want to save on shipping and want to get this product shipped later.


Steps for using "Block This" feature:

1. Most products have an option button to request for blocking alongside product description. Click on the button. You may add any comments while submitting a product blocking request (Refer image below)

2. JE Fashion Shop will follow up with the steps to complete payment for the requested product.

3. Once payment is completed and verified, the product will be reserved for you.

4. When you place your full/complete order later, please contact us to get your blocked product shipped along with.



JE Fashion Shop will assist you with inputs for you to understand about the necessity of blocking based on the product classification and quantity availability.