Corrugated Kraft Packing Box For Craft Jewel 530 GSM Durable 7x6x1.25inch Rectangle White (Sold as 1 piece)
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Corrugated Kraft Packing Box For Craft Jewel 530 GSM Durable 7x6x1.25inch Rectangle White (Sold as 1 piece)

Rs 12.00
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Brand: Aumni Crafts
Product Code: jefs-pack-boxnsupp-00019 | Packing Boxes
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Product SKU: jefs-pack-boxnsupp-00019
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      • Corrugated Kraft Packing Box For Craft Jewel 530 GSM Durable.
      • Dimensions: 7x6x1.25inch.
      • Color: White.
      • Shape: Rectangle.
      • Material: Imported Kraft Paper & Corrugated Paper.
      • Sold as 1 piece.
      • Easily Foldable Box. Product Ships As A Flat CardBoard Layer For Reduced Shipping Volumetric Weight
      • Important note: Weight of this product will be calcuated based on volumetric basis due to dimensions/nature of the product and size of packaging involved. Volumetric weight is calculated as (Length X Width X Height)/5000 or (Length X Width X Height)/6000 or (Length X Width X Height)/2700 and it depends on how different shipping carriers calculate and charge.
      • Product raw weight: 0.082 KG (or) 82 Grams (approx)
      • Product volumetric weight: 0.451 KG (or) 451 Grams
      • Product photos are taken to best represent the actual color. Please note that based on variations in your monitor/device resolution & settings, colors may look different.
      Main Size Of Product 7inch
      Exact Size Dimensions 7x6x1.25inch
      Main Color Of Product White
      Exact Color Of Product White
      Main Shape Of Product Rectangle
      Product Used For Jewels/Craft Packing
      Product Material Imported Kraft Paper & Corrugated Paper
      Product Selling Type Regular Units/Packs

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